troubles I've seen

xx dream my kiss / kiss my dream xx
The War On Drugs

—Eyes To the Wind

like a little Bruce song !

Damien Jurado

—Silver Joy

Juan Wauters


When I learn not to think of thinking
And think
Doing is doing, doing is nothing
Nothing is doing, while you don’t do


—I'm so tired

Bunnies Gone Bad
(Found by T. Bibelot on the sidewalk in front of the Capitol Grille)


—L'Apiculteur (Live)


oh apiculteur

Burnside Eleven

—Serotonin Blues

turn on the record
have a look at the Jesus freaks
then flip your feet up in the air


—Shut Up

Guided By Voices

—Planet Score

You only hear it in spirit
So make the most of go-town
And go down
To the planet score

The Hotelier

—Your Deep Rest

this is teenpunkpopemocore